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Schmierer Pars




Schmierer Pars is an Iranian/German manufacturer of ALL Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges who is manufacturing under license of Schmierer GmbH of Germany and an approved Vendor at Ministry of Petroleum of Iran.

We can supply you the following pressure gauges specially :

Dial                   : 100, 160, 250 (mm)

Range              : -1 to +1000 bar, bar/ psi or any other requested range even mbar.

Connection      : Vertical (bottom) or Horizontal (back).

With Safety Glass, Blow-Out Back, Micro - Adjustment Pointer and Ventilation Screw (for Glycerine or Silicon Filling).

Design             : Standard and / or Solid Front.


We can also supply “Test Gauges” and also “Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauges”.

The advantages of our Pressure Gauges are:

A)    Micro Adjustable Pointer and Ventilation Screw

All pressure gauges manufactured at Schmierer Pars have Micro Adjustable Pointer and Ventilation Screw giving the capability to the user to make easy calibration.

The most effective advantage is having Ventilation Screw which eliminates the risk of glycerin leakage.

Most of the pressure gauges have Rubber Cap instead of Ventilation screw and Pointer instead of Micro Adjustable Pointer.

The difficulties having Rubber cap instead of Ventilation Screw:

  • Leakage of Glycerine or Silicon due to not being tight and/or during and after calibration.
  • Not resistible as Ventilation Screw against change of ambient temperature.
  • After some times of opening and closing, the Rubber Cap loses its elasticity and is not tight as before.
  • Rubber cap cannot maintain permanent pressure relief as Ventilation Screw.

The difficulties having Pointer instead of Micro Adjustable Pointer

  • User is no more capable of calibration and fine adjustment of the pressure gauge.

 B)     Welded Socket to the Connection.

All the pressure gauges of Schmierer Pars are welded with Argon Welding having the following advantages:

  • Case is isolated according to IP 65.
  • There is no chance of dust or gas entering into the case.
  • There is no chance of destroy of the interior of the gauges due to gas or bad process condition.
  • Easy for filling with glycerine or silicon having confidence that there will be no leakage – Filling with one of the said liquid shall eliminate the vibration of the pointer when installed where there is vibration due to pump or similar vibration causing mechanism.


  • One Year Warranty (harming the gauges due to mishandling or using exceeded limited pressure is not included). The exceeded limited pressure is : 1,3 times the actual pressure indicating.
  • Measuring Type up to 60 bar : Bourdon Tube.
  • Measuring Type above 60 bar: Coil Tube.
  • Manufacturing according to EN 837-1.
  • Calibration Test Report.


Schmierer Pars Gauges will have longer life.

Our Aim :

Precision in manufacturing.

High quality product.

Client satisfaction.

We are not BIGGER but simply BETTER.


Schmierer Pars Gauges will have longer life.



AFRAH Calibration Laboratory

AFRAH as one of the SUPER SANATI’s companies  is established in1994 for sales and engineering calibration maintenance.

Having expertise personnel  with 35 years of experience in different industries specially Oil, Gas and Petrochemical is proud to be able to solve many needed engineering tasks of the country.

In 2004,  AFRAH succeeded to obtain accreditation from ISIRI  (No.: 682).

In 2008, AFRAH succeeded to be recognized as an ISO/IEC 17025  Internationally Accredited Calibration Laboratory by ILAC partner in Iran (IAS).

In 2009, AFRAH is  recognized by Ministry of Petroleum of Iran for carrying out calibration of meters, metering systems and water draw system for custody transfer purposes.

In addition to providing consultancy, design and sales in the field of calibration rooms and portable calibrators, AFRAH is active in calibration and services for instruments and other physical quantities such as : pressure, temperature, dimension, torque, liquid & gas flow, orifice plates together with accredited calibration report either Iranian Standard Organization or Internationally recognized calibration report.

AFRAH is the first accredited calibration laboratory who  succeeded to have accreditation for calibration of  Liquid and Gas Orifice Plates in Iran.

A part of our engineering services are dedicated to liquid flow calibration and gas flow calibration, repair and maintenance of Proves,  Cans, Truck  and Ship Loading, Fuel stations, Mobile Provers, Meters, Inspection & Calibration of tanks, WET calibration.


Documents Download:

Afrah_quick intro

For more info, please visit: www.afrahco.com