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Company Profile

Super Sanati Co. is established in 1963 where we started to make design, installation of mechanical, electrical and piping and also on-site assessment of our clients thus providing them the equipment together with installation, commissioning and start-up.

In year 1983, we added to our program measuring and control devices and for the past 20 years we are only focused on this field.

In year 1994, Super Sanati has established an Accredited Calibration Laboratory who is an ISO/IEC 17025 Internationally recognized laboratory for :

  1. Pressure,
  2. Temperature,
  3. Flow,
  4. Dimension,
  5. Electric and Electronic,
  6. Torque.

called AFRAH Co. and provides in house and on-site calibration services and is an independent company who also serves as our after sales services for the instrumentation and metering systems that Super Sanati sales.

AFRAH is also approved by Ministry of Petroleum of Iran as an inspector for carrying-out Calibration of Master Meters, Provers, Calibration Tanks and Water Draw System and being NIOC official inspector.

In order to strengthen AFRAH’s position in the market, AFRAH is under huge expansion which you will hear about them soon.

More detail information is available under www.afrahco.com

In year 2004, Super Sanati has started manufacturing all Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges under the name of  Schmierer Pars Co.  located in Yazd who is also an independent and approved company by Ministry of Petroleum of Iran and has already supplied many gauges to NIOC, NIGC, NPC, NIOPDC, NIORDC, ….., etc.

Schmierer Pars exports and also sell to the local companies whose major clients are Oil, Gas and Petrochemical.

Our client are :

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, EPC companies, Chemical, Steel, Cement, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Tile, Sugar,  Power Generations, Paper and Waste Water.

Super Sanati group of companies are in all approved vendor list, and we are currently taking active part at many projects at different industries specially at oil, gas and petrochemical.

Super Sanati is specialized on instrumentation and Fiscal Metering and Proving Systems, and this is where we are able to carry-out basic design including P&ID.

We are also specialized in liquid and gas analyzers and on Calibration.

Now, a short company information about scope of supply:

  1. GAUGES                                : Pressure, Temperature, Differential Pressure (with or w/o contact/transmitter).
  2. TRANSMITTERS                  : Pressure, Temperature, Differential Pressure, Level.
  3. FLOW METERS                    : Positive Displacement (P.D.), Turbine, Vortex, Compact Orifice, Density.
  4. Differential Pressure (D.P.) FLOW METERS : Orifice, Venturi,……
  5. Strainers and Gas Separators.
  6. Control Valves and Actuators.
  7. Level Indicators.
  8. Multifunction Calibrators.
  9. RTD, Thermocouple Sensors.
  10. Automatic Sampling System.
  11. Analyzers and Sample Conditioning System.
  12. HVAC units for hazardous & safe area.
  13. CUSTODY Transfer Metering & Proving System for Oil.
  14. FISCAL Gas Metering System.
  15. Blending System.
  16. Utility Energy Balancing Calculation & Measurement.
  17. Calibration Tanks.
  18. Flow Computers and Supervisory System.
  19. Upgrading of the electronics for the existing metering system.
  20. On – Site Accredited Calibration Services.
  21. Water Draw System.
  22. Complete Mobile and Stationary Flow Calibration Facility.
  23. Complete Modular Calibration Workshop Facility.
  24. Consultancy for preparation of ISO/IEC 17025 for test and calibration laboratories.
  25. Preparation of basic and advance calibration courses for Industries and research centers.
  26. Pre-Commissioning and Recalibration and Maintenance of Instruments at Refineries and other industries by Internationally Traceable Automatic Calibrators.

It would be great pleasure for us to cooperate with you in the current projects in Iran, and should you wish any further information, please do not hesitate contacting us.